Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This past weekend we went camping in the mountains of Virginia with my family.  We went to the same camping spot we have gone since I was young.  It's a beautiful escape with no technology, no cell phone reception, and a glorified outhouse.  The river runs past our campsite and provides fishing (for minnows), swimming, and great hikes.

For those of you that don't know, I am the oldest of 7 with one more on the way!

On the way home we stopped in Richmond to have dinner with Jon's parents and celebrate Father's Day with them too.  It was quite the weekend.

Sammy's (7) breakfast sandwich.   He did this all by himself!

A close up of the sandwich...

Hope (14) with her beautiful hair, even while camping.

Me, sans makeup and Faith (9).  She is always up to something including,  yelling, "snake!" knowing I will jump EVERY single time.

The little boys swimming (Jake, 8 and Sam, 7)

Fishing in the river.  We did not have fish for dinner that night.

Daddy's gift for Father's Day was an airsoft gun.  It shoots little bb's.  They all went out and played in the woods.  Hope's a tough gal.
(left to right: Caleb (18) Daddy (stillyoungenoughtoplayhardcore), Hope (14) and Jon, my dear husband :)

New profile pic if I do say so myself.

Josh (12), also a hardcore airsofter.

A very intimidating group


So in the midst of all the camp activities.  Someone other than me, and I won't say who, locked his, er I mean, the keys in the car.  It is now a well known fact in my family that 2008 Toyota Corollas are nearly impossible to break in to.  Eventually, after popping out the back window, we were able to get in and get the keys.  Thanks goodness!  Otherwise we would have been out there forever...maybe.

I do believe that is a sausage in this turkey's mouth. (Jake, 8)

He's always laughing and goofing off (Josh 12)

This is the "why-are-you-taking-a-picture-of-me face"

Campfire! Caleb, 18 and Josh, 12

Our magnificent food tent where we ate our meals.
It was a great weekend and had a lot of fun times, including 9 out of the 10 people washing in the river, a real snake, a humongous spider, car keys being locked in, rain storms, and a lot of other things!

I do love my family.


  1. What a great time. Your pics are great. I feel sometimes that I really have been missing out on you lives, but at least I can get a glimpse into it. Love you Aunt Mandie

  2. Looks like a great camping adventure!!! What a sweet family you have..I am a new follower.

    Karma Kristin