Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updates and such!

Once again, I fell off the wagon and didn't blog for a long time.  Life takes over, computers spaz out, and phones just don't cut it for blogging.

As is a custom, this is a list post.  Too much has happened to just move on without a post about the big things that have happened in the past 3 months.
So here goes!


Baby at 8 weeks!
  • Announced pregnancy to friends and family
  • First appointment. Got to see baby!
  • Started having morning sickness
  • Started spring semester of school (18 credits!)
  • First trip to the ER for fluids after being pretty dehydrated from being so sick
  • Dropped out of school after missing 1.5 weeks and realizing this may not work out
  • Second and third trips to the ER for fluids/Meds via IV
  • Second and third ultrasounds!
  • Officially diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum
  • Over two weeks straight of laying in bed, except to run to the bathroom to puke
  • Said bye to Daddy for four months as he serves in the Navy
  • Family ski trip (No boarding for me!)
  • Felt pretty good after being sick for so long, so I took off to visit family for a few weeks (no school or work tying me down!)
  • A good week or so hanging out with family, seeing Jon on the weekends (just like when we were dating!)
Baby brother :)

Games with the sibs (little guy thinks he knows how to play!)

  •  Fourth trip to ER for fluids while visiting family
  • LESS than 12 hours later, Fifth trip to ER for fluids/Flu (Went in for trouble breathing/high fever)
  • Sixth trip to ER (3 days after the last) for fluids, admitted that night to hospital
  • Four day, three night stay at the hospital near my parents (after not eating for 8 straight days)
  • New course of meds!  Hey!  They work!
  • Found out baby is a GIRL!
4D Ultrasound!

  • Turned in official offer on a house to BUY!  Moving back home to family!
New home!

  • Return home with Jon
  • Offer accepted on house!!
 It was not the most glamorous couple of months, but it is ending well. We are closing on our first house that is 5 minutes from my parents and 15 minutes from Jon's.  We are having a beautiful baby girl in August (yay team pink!), and I am on the mend with my new medicine.  The nausea is definitely still there and the mental/emotional part of being sick for so long will be there for a while.

As rough as I have had it this pregnancy, I am grateful for a healthy baby.  She is thriving and growing like a weed (and sucking the energy out of me!).  We are SO excited about moving next month and settling in.  I get to nest in my very own home before baby girl comes in August!  Plus!  I am halfway through in 12 days!

The view from the top! HA!

I'd appreciate prayers for...
  • ENERGY to pack up our 3 bedroom rental
  • Continued weight gain (but not too much).  I'm still negative from the beginning of my pregnancy
  • Our house closing, the home inspection is tomorrow--pray for no major repairs!
  • Good transition at work for Jon--going from full time in office to full time telecommuting

  Well, that is a long enough post.  I forgot I was eating a mint Klondike ice cream's a puddle now.  Hopefully now that I have a little more energy I can update more frequently!


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