Friday, November 1, 2013

The Bandwagon Isn't So Bad

What better month to start consistently blogging in than November?  November is the month you start to see #thankful, #blessed and #givethanks, among other Thanksgiving themed hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tied to sharing 30 days of thanksfulness.

While it is a bandwagon, it's a good one.  So often with social media we get caught up in, "Look at me and my perfect life!"  I am guilty.  I love my life and I love showing it to others.  It is SO hard with a new dimple-faced, gummy-smile, chubby cheeked cutie to not post a billion pictures a day.  In addition, the advent of the smartphone has made it so much easier to take a picture and upload it for the world to see in 3.78 seconds (or less). Thank goodness I have friends that tolerate me and my pictures...I think.   

So, for the month of November I want to focus on the amazing people, places, and things that make life so great.  God has GREATLY blessed me in the past year and I want my life to reflect my gratefulness to Him.

So without further ado...

DAY 1:  I am Thankful for My Parents

I love my parents.  Being back in the same city as them is awesome.  I see them a couple times a week (more if they just went grocery shopping).  I have ben blessed to have a super close relationship to my parents and talk to both of them about almost anything.  They never questioned our decision to get married young (while I'm still in school) and supported us all the way.  They keep themselves young (having a 2 year old will do that to you) and have a lot of child rearing support to offer.  And now, as we raise our daughter, she has grandparents that love her and dote on her endlessly (on both sides, but that's another blog post).

  In closing, here is a walk down memory lane:

Yes, they were always this adorable.  Circa, sometime in the late eighties/early nineties.
Daddy always let us eat out of the carton.  No bowls needed.
My graduation from the school they run all by themselves.

My wedding, bankrolled by the man himself.

Adorable outside...

Adorable inside...

My mom was an awesome labor/delivery coach.  It helps that she has done it 8 times.  Love the look of joy on her face.  Also the look of "so glad I didn't just give birth".



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