Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Adoption Story: The Beginning

We announced about a month ago that we have chosen adoption for our second child.  If you're curious why, here are some challenges we faced a few years ago:

You can read HERE, HERE, and HERE.

In this time in our lives we feel we are being called to adopt and have started the process.

It's a several step process to get to placement:

     1. Informational meeting at the agency (we did ours the end of February)

     2. Two day training (Middle of March)

     3. Homestudy paperwork (a mountain!)

     4. Actual Homestudy (Starts this Thursday!)

     5. Official waiting period (should start in a few months and could last up to a few years)

We are SUPER excited about this and cannot wait to bring our little Bug #2 home.  Please pray for us as we wait on God's timing and as we raise money to bring home our little one (more on that later!).

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