Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Adoption Story: Our Profile Book

These past few months have not been super exciting on the adoption front.  The home study happened, but it needed to be completed and approved.  

While we were waiting we created our profile book.  It was quite a process summing up who we are in a book that will be the first impression expectant parents will have.  It was so hard to choose which pictures to put in!  The hardest part though were the words.  We wrote a letter to the expectant parents that will view our book and we had a few pages throughout the book with information about who we are as parents and as people in general.  It was information that ranged from what our educational background is to our ideas on parenting and discipline.  

Here are a few pages!

So here we are!  We were told today that we are OFFICIALLY on the wait list for a little one!  It is still a long road ahead, but we are excited, even if it means waiting on God's perfect timing.

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