About Me

My name is Dani.  I am a wife, Christian, explorer, adventure buddy to Jon, [pretty crunchy] mommy to Adelaide,  Volunteer Babywearing Educator, and soon-to-be mother of two as we go through the domestic adoption process.  I am 23 and in my fifth year of marriage (time flies!).  This blog started as a lifestyle blog about living in a basement apartment when we first got married.  We have since moved above ground and have started a family, but my hope is this blog still lives up to its name, even if this marriage isn't so underground anymore.  

We embarked on our adoption journey in February 2015 and will be chronicling it here as well :)

I love blogging about marriage, family, faith, life, crafts, recipes, family, adoption and anything else on my mind. 

So, enjoy!  Feel free to comment, follow, and ask questions.