Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Things I Have Been Up to Since I Went into Hiding

Clearly I have not been posting anything at all since fall semester started. I guess life got the best of me again and blogging was the first thing to go.

Instead of trying to post a bazillion paragraphs and posts about what I have been up to, I will post a list. Here we go!

1. I got an Ipad 2 for myself because my borrowed laptop was failing me and weighed too much for treks accross campus all day. I love it, it was definitely worth the $500.

2. I started the semester with 3 jobs and ended with none. Well, sort of. One was too time consuming and stressful, so I quit that one. Then there was a disorganized internship (which we won't talk about!) that was frustrating me, so I quit that. Then I continued doing pro bono non-profit consulting which is by semester. I enjoyed that one, so I will be doing it again next semester.

3.  I lost my wonderful Gramma in November to a nine year battle with cancer.  She was a Godly woman, so I take comfort that she is in heaven with the Lord.  I was able to visit her in Arizona in October and say goodbye for now.

4.  I went to my first big college football game at Virginia Tech.

5.  Jon and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a  trip to a B&B in the country.

6.  I took an African Dance class this semester.  That was FUN!  It was taught by Kukuwa Nuamah, a world renowned African dance teacher. 

7.  My mom had a BABY in October!  Our family welcomed baby Jordan Benjamin to the world.  I dressed him as Santa for Christmas.

8.  I got a 3.73 GPA this semester.  That is the highest it's ever been!

9.  We took family pictures with the whole gang.

Pretty darn good for 11 people!

10.  I painted a wall in our basement a deep red.  Also, the LL's put shelves on the wall for storage.  Looks pretty sweet.

I am drawing a blank right now.  I know I have done more, but it's time to move on to the new year.  I have a 2012 bucket list that I will post in the next day or two.  It includes blogging at least twice a week. :)

Bye for now,


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  1. i'd say you've been quite busy! :) happy new year!