Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kids these days...

Sometimes kids say the most innocent things that come out so funny!  In my job I see each of my after school science classes once a week.  They always have something funny to say.  Just today, I had 3 funny conversations that I want to share, along with a few others I have had over the past week.

Funny conversation #1:

*kid looks at my keys on table*
Kid: What kind of car do you drive?  A Lexus?
Me: No, I wish
Kid: Well, what do you drive?
Me: A Ford Taurus; It’s my in-law’s car
Kid: So you ARE married…

Funny Conversation #2:

Me: Amelia, did you get a haircut?
Kid: No, I just brushed my hair really good this morning.

Funny Conversation #3:

*kid is saying bye to his friend as the friend’s mom is signing him out*
Kid to his friend’s mom: THAT’S why you’re fat.  You’re having a baby.
Friend’s mom:  Thanks for recognizing that I’m not just fat for no reason.

Funny Conversation #4:

Me: Do you like kindergarten?
Kid: Yeah, but it’s too easy.
Me:  Enjoy it because when you are older school will be harder.
Kid:  Yeah, my friend is in 3rd grade.  Ooof, his school is so hard sometimes he can’t even do it.

They crack me up.

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