Monday, March 28, 2011


It’s been a while since I posted, I know.  I came down with whatever has been floating around the elementary schools I’ve been teaching at.  Seriously, moms will keep their kids home from school, then bring them to Mad Science after school.  Who does that?!?!  So, alas, the dear kids got me sick with a stomach bug.

All complaining aside, it was nice to relax for a few days.  Saturday Jon and I did almost nothing.  It was GREAT!  It has been so long since we sat in bed reading/watching tv for the whole day.  That evening we went to a friend’s house and heard a sermon by Robert Murray M’Cheyne (according to Wikipedia it’s said and sometimes spelled McCheyne) read aloud over delicious Chicken Tetrazzini.  Mmmm.

The sermon by the Scottish minister was about salvation.  Admittedly, I thought I knew all about it.  I was blown away by the points that were made both in his sermon and by the group itself when we were discussing it.  One thing that particularly stood out is that God continually calls us to Him and we don’t answer.  He has offered us the amazing gifts of grace and mercy and we don’t listen because we are selfish.  On top of that, we miss opportunities to share God’s perfect gifts because of selfishness.  When we see the opportunity jump out in front of us to share the Gospel, we need to.  Not just because we have been called to make disciples of every nation but because we need to share the gifts God has given to us.  It is not our job to decide who should or should not hear it.  

Another great point made by our new friend, Jessie was that we essentially evangelize so many things in our lives without thinking.  His example being our phones or tv shows.  We don’t think anything about bringing up that type of stuff in conversation, so why is it so hard to bring up the one thing that is saving our souls from destruction—our salvation?

So next time we see the opportunity, be it with a stranger or a friend we have know for a long time, seize it!  Show them how passionate you really are for the Lord.  Share it!

Sadly, I do not know the title of the sermon, but here is the link to a ton of good sermons by the same guy.

Thanks to Sarah Stone for putting the dinner together and her brother, Chris for reading the sermon!

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