Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let There Be Light

So, our little basement apartment is quaint and peaceful…and dark.  It has one window which provides light as long as the curtains are open.  The living room has the door so when it is warm I open it.  However, in the cold months that have been the start of 2011, if I don’t get up when Jon does, it is sooo hard to get up in the morning.  

It’s great on the weekend though.  It’s like saying to the sun “Yeah, I know it’s 11:30.  Too bad it’s as dark as it was at 6:30.” 

I have thought every once in a while how to put fake light to make it feel more airy and light--like I could paint a window with Thomas Kincaid-type painting with light. 

Or I could put curtains where I wished windows were.  That’ll trick me into thinking there are real windows, I’m sure.

Or I could pay the landlord’s kids to shine flashlights in our eyes every morning to mimic the sunlight normal people get in their eyes in the morning.  I’m sure they would love the extra money.

Or we could make an intricate system of mirrors that reflected the light from our one window to the rest of the apartment, like the Egyptians.

Or we could switch our living room and bedroom and leave the front door open all night so when we wake up we could have light AND be covered in frost.

Or we can survive and enjoy where we are at and be grateful we have a roof (and a family with 4 kids) over our head.  Someday we will have a beautiful house with so many windows I will be complaining they are a pain to clean.  The grass is always greener on the other side.

One of those ideas was Jon’s…any guesses?

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