Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Signs That I am Turning Into My Mom

1.                  I went to 7-11 yesterday for the sole purpose of buying a Super Big Gulp full to the brim with Diet Coke
2.                  Immediately after that I went home and cleaned in a mad caffeine rush
3.                  The house gets super clean when I am mad
4.                  I frequently use ‘k’ when chatting people online.  Something hat actually annoys me when it’s done to me
5.                  “Nice” is also a frequently used word of mine
6.                  I read before I go to bed (this would never happen a year ago)
7.                  My house is decorated with neutral colors
8.                  I wear neutral colors
9.                  I get this burst of energy to get the house clean an hour before Jon gets home
10.              I crave beets…like right now.

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