Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Magazine House

The "Magazine House" is a term I am pretty sure my mom made up (Hi, Mommy!) but it is something that has stuck with me and gives me inspiration when I clean my own apartment.  The term meant that when we clean the house, our goal is for it to look like a magazine.

You know the type of house--perfect stacks of books on the coffee table, pillows nicely fluffed and arranged on the couch, candles lit and you can almost smell the freshness of the air wafting right out of the pages of the magazine.

When I clean, I want to be able to sit in the room and have my candles lit and my Better Homes and Gardens out on the coffee table with my pillows fluffed.  It is the ultimate picture of comfort and relaxation.  Of course, the moment Jon gets home the bed gets wrinkled, the pillows get moved, the clothes get thrown. That's just a good reminder of reality.  Below I have posted some pictures of some cool "Magazine Houses".

So here's to all the women out there, young and old, who strive for perfection, if even for just a moment.

Better Homes and Gardens

Country Living

New House of Art

Elle Decor

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  1. hahaha! soooo true!! the house we think we want, but reality is, it never lasts