Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dollar Tree Tuesday!

It has been FOREVER since I last blogged.  I was at a good pace then BOOM life came.  We have been out of town every weekend and I have been finishing up my Mad Science after school classes.  So today's post is actually about something I did over a week ago.  I wanted something more for our bedroom and was inspired to the max when Jon and I went to HomeGoods.  Jon very much dislikes that store because home decorating is not his thing. I, on the other hand, could live in HomeGoods.  They have such unique things at GREAT prices.

But anyway, you are probably wondering why it's Dollar Tree Tuesday.  The whole reason why we went to HomeGOods was so that I could find some neat wall shelves for these 2 very unique things I founds.  I don't even know what to call them (figurines? pillars?)  I fell in love with them at Dollar Tree and owed I would fit them in somewhere.

Here are a few things I did, including some additional decor I added from HomeGoods:

I LOVE these things!

We don't have 2 of the same lamps, I moved it and the bookshelf after I took this picture.

This is the other one.

At this point I had been focusing on getting the bedroom perfect, so nevermind the pile outside the door :)

The sign above the closet says "My soul mate, my best friend."

It was a successful trip to both Dollar Tree and HomeGoods. :)

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