Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Miss My Old Real World

I just started a new job this week.  It's the standard 8am-5pm office job for the summer before I head back to school.  Here are some realizations I have had this week...

1.  I never realized how much went into getting military moves organized (our company organizes 60-100 moves daily)
2. I hate working full time
3. The job I have as a Move Coordinator is super complicated and I have been told it will take a month to get a handle on it.  I am working there for a little over 2 months.
4.  These may be the longest 2 months if my life.
5.  McDonald's was more fun than this.
6. I now have no time to blog, cook, clean or shop.  Those are the bread and butter of my life.
7. I now know what rush hour traffic in the DC area is like.
8. My paycheck will brighten every other Friday.
9. I am definitely not a morning person and never will be...until I have kids, then I'll have to be.
10.  Obviously I was in a rush to leave work at 5...I left my phone.
11. It's 6:30pm and I have to go grocery shopping.  We have zero food left in the house.


  1. I had a 9-5 full time job for a couple of months one summer before going to uni. It really felt like the dullest few months of my life!

  2. It's pretty bad when McDonald's seems like a better job opportunity. I hope your summer goes by fast. I haven't worked full time in ages, for various reasons I haven't worked at all in ages, and I was always so bored. Found you through FTLOB.