Friday, May 13, 2011

Blessings- My In-Laws

After this long week of craziness at my new job, it is definitely time to sit back and think about the great things, the blessings, in my life.  Just as an update, once I learned a lot of the 5 billion things I needed to know for work, it was a lot easier and almost enjoyable.  Almost.

Anyway, my blessing I'll be sharing this week is my second set of parents.  I call them Mom and Dad, which works out because I still call my parents Mommy and Daddy :)

I have been on so many family trips and been to so many family dinners I can't even count them.  Jon's parents live right behind CNU, where I went to school for 2 years.  Dad works there, too.  So, since it was so close, their home was a perfect place for me and Jon to hang out and watch movies on the weekends.  That being said,  I had many a family meal there on Fridays.

It's awesome having great in-laws because when you fall in love with someone, you get their parents whether or not you love them too.  And I do love mine.

Here's a pic (the best one I have is from our wedding!)

Just as an aside, Dad's mustache is famous at CNU and church and probably the world.

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

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  1. Hey I just found you on FTLOB's.
    And after seeing a picture of your father-in-law's mustache, it is so neatly groomed and wonderful I would just HOPE that it was world famous!