Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two turtle doves and a black crow in a pine tree.

Despite the lack of picture evidence, I did just see what the title suggests.  Lunch break at work is literally the most important hour of my day between 7am and 6pm.  It is the time when I can breath and eat a little without the phone ringing and without thinking about anything related to work.  My boss told me about this picnic table earlier today and you can bet I'll be here every beautiful day.  Funny thing is, it is so tucked away that I have been passing by it without noticing for almost 3 weeks!
This lunchtime blogpost is courtesy of my new smartphone.  That also makes lunch time more enjoyable.  As I am writing this I am contemplating how hard it will be to drag myself back into my cubicle to answer phones for anpther 3 hours.
On another note, I had a life changing realization today. You know the song from the 80's that goes "Hold the line. Love isn't always on time."?
As I was on hold today (I am frequently on hold with various offices) the recording said,"Please hold the line. Your call is important to us."
Then it was all clear. The song is talking about staying there even if love is not on time.  Don't give up on love, just hold the line.
I get it now.
Jon got an email explaining my revelation promptly.

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  1. What a cute little table! What a good way to escape from a dull job for a bit :)