Friday, May 20, 2011

Blessings- My Job

So, not to throw anyone off, but I am featuring my job as a blessing.  I feel like I should apologize for my crazy rant last week.  I was SUPER overwhelmed!  It's a hard job managing the cross country moves of hundreds of people!!

However, it is a job. It's a blessing to have a job in this day and age.  It pays pretty well and it is 15 minutes from home (which in the DC area is a HUGE blessing).  I have finally gotten the hang of it and have been able to jump right in answering the millions of phone calls and emails and updating data.

So, on top of the fact that I have started to understand my job better, I have AWESOME coworkers.  There are 10 people in the department--9 women and one guy.  These girls are super nice and have accepted me as their own in the two weeks I have been there.

In addition to the people, I can also take Zumba!!  Which, if you don't already know, it's the latest and greatest in exercise classes.  It's mostly fast paced dancing with a Latin flair.  It was a ton of fun despite the fact I was completely worn out by the end of the hour.  It's great that our company offers this as an after work activity.

So, if you are moving in the DC area, check Interstate Van Lines out!


  1. Zumba is so fun I hear! I just stick to the treadmill... my booty doesn't move like that haha.

  2. It was sooo tiring! I was ready to pass out, but I had to at least look like I was keeping up with the older ladies in the room!