Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have you ever, on purpose or not, refused to believe something was actually happening?

I have.  A few weeks ago I was getting ready for work and my cute dress pants were tight and made my butt look big.  I thought to myself, "That's weird, these used to fit me.  They must be tight from being freshly washed."

I slipped into jeans last weekend--jeans I have had for years.  Those were tight.

A few days later I tried on another pair of dress capris.  Same thing--they used to fit but now they don't.  I REALLY wanted to wear them to work, so I did.  After a few house sitting at a desk with very tight pants and a cup of coffee I was over trying to hold on to these capris.  I went home at lunch and slipped in to a much more comfortable skirt. 

Thank goodness skirts will always fit.

But even so, I was refusing to believe and accept what was going on.  The very next day I wore dress shorts.  They are cute pin striped ones I bought no more than 2 months ago.  I had to suck in to put them on.

That night, I accepted it.  I have indeed gained weight since I have A) gotten married and B) started my office job.  After all, there's no time to work out and there is a snack drawer.  That's right, an entire drawer of snacks. I told myself it was okay I was dipping into the drawer since most of what I was grabbing was in 100 calorie packs.  Those are good for you..right?  In addition to that though, I drink a lot of coffee and sweet tea. 

For so long I thought I had one of those bodies that never gained weight no matter what you put in it.  I was so wrong.

This weekend we are going home to where we are from to visit family for Independance Day.  I will get to jump on my mom's scale and finally learn the truth (it's be a looong time since I've done that!)

My goal for the summer:  Fit back into my dress pants and jeans and have less of a badonkadonk. 

It wouldn't be a problem if food didn't taste so darn good!


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  1. Totally went through a VERY similar thing recently. The number isn't fun but it is a jump-start to the motivation!