Monday, July 11, 2011


Contrary to popular belief, I am still alive.  I have dropped off of both Blogger and Facebook for the most part.  I have been busy getting oriented for school, working 40 hours a week...still, and launching my home business (Mary Kay).  I miss spending time on here, but I pinky promise I will be back this fall, but for now I give you small posts, many lists, and few DIY projects (oh, how I miss being home!).

Orientation at my new college was great and I am looking forward to being back.  I found out that all of my credits form my last school transferred AND got me on a head start to me new major--Leadership.  This school is WAY bigger than my last one, but I am still very excited.

I'll be taking a dance class, conflict resolution (good one for marriage, eh?), communication (I'm seeing a trend in good courses for marriage), a class for my major, and a good ol' world history class.  Get excited.

I just hope I feel this way all semester.

On another note, our apartment is pretty clean and I am feeling a little less stressed!  It's amazing how much a clean(er) house affects you.

I hope you all are surviving and having a great summer!  Stay cool.



  1. Well good luck!!! I almost went through all the transferring chaos but decided it against it because not enough credits would transfer! If you need help with World History I'm your girl!

  2. Yikes! You definitely have heaps going on.
    I also totally agree with the clean house thing. It just makes everything else seem less stressful!

  3. I have known so many people who lost some or ALL credits in the transferring process, so that is totally awesome that all of yours did!