Friday, January 20, 2012

My Special Space

With so much going on in my life (not now, but come next Monday when school starts!) I needed a place where I could sit down and focus and be able to put up my goals in a place where I could see them.  Yes, I could sit at the diningroom table, bu it's just not the same.

So after some online shopping, I found my desk.  $39.99 at Walmart.  It was available in my local store, so I went right away to pick it up.

The Box
At this point in the game I was pretty confident.  I mean, why couldn't I make a simple desk?  I was excited and promised myself I would not get frustrated.

Ahhh!  Too many pieces!!
 I kept pulling pieces out of the box.  There were far too many pieces for this one desk.  Also, the instructions were like 20 pages long.

At this point I was only at step 4 out of 12.  It was starting to look like a desk, though, which was encouraging.  However, the construction was not without frustration.  These types of things are always tricky because if you mess up on one piece or if you bend a screw, it all gets messed up.  We only had one part that was bent when I hammered it in, but Jon quickly corrected it and sent me back on my way to finishing.

Eventually, I finished.  I kept wanting to stop and take a break to eat lunch, but I kept chugging along.  It took an hour, more or less, but I was super proud of myself when it was all finished!

The corkboard was $1 at a thrift store.  I added the design.

Here it is!  My special space.  I know it won't always look this good, but for now I can appreciate the organized space that I can call my own.



  1. Gorgeous!!!! So proud of you and your new business--I know you will do so well!

  2. Looks cool! And well done in putting up the desk, I am terrible at that sort of thing :P

  3. I love how these pieces of furniture look so great on the cover of the box until you get them open. Then all you want to do is scream! The instructions are always poor and it takes a brain surgeon to put them together!