Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Here I am again.  Apologizing for being away for so long.  Except this time I don't have a good reason.  I only have class twice a week and I am not working this semester.  That's right, I'm a bum.  

Actually, my only decent excuse is that I rarely use a laptop anymore since I got an iPad in November and there really isn't any good way to blog from the iPad.  Additionally, I will try to blog on my laptop and when I go to add pics, it crashes.  

But enough of that.

I think of things I want to blog about ALL the time.  I have missed SO many good opportunities to blog since I last posted.  I've done some DIY art, colored my hair, been on trips to West Virginia, and I've started babysitting and tutoring.  So, as usual, I will post a list and *hopefully* be back on the blogging road.

So here it is, my "What's Been Poppin' Lately" List:

1.  I colored my hair back to my natural color (dirty blondish-brown).  I was tired of coloring my roots.

2. Jon and I are in the process of becoming members of a local church.  We miss our home church immensely!

3. I started following Shades of Shayes, a blog by a fellow CNU Captain.  If you need a good love story, read the Saga of Office Boy.  You're lucky you have tons to catch up on.

4. West Virginia has drive-thru liquor stores!!! 

5. My January furniture re-do project is still sitting in my parent's garage 3 hours away.  

6. I got a lot better at snowboarding this winter.  Lots or soreness, but it's all worth it.

I'm in the intimidating pink and hubby's in the blue.
7.  My baby brother is growing up!  He is 5 months old already and is drooling through his first couple teeth.

He has the same big red birthmark in the middle of his forehead as me.  Mine only makes appearances when blood is rushing to my head and when I'm crying.
8.  My shelves under the stairs were completed and I got them organized to the point that I am satisfied with the space.

9.  I did my own artsy project right off the front cover of Better Homes & Gardens, which you can find HERE.

These were easy to do after a few tries.  I definitely recommend practicing on scrap paper before doing it on  the canvas.
10.  Jon and I have been on a manhunt mousehunt since February.  We have caught two.  As I type this I can here the remaining members of the colony scurrying through my walls.  Not a cool sound.  Also, I would like to reclaim my kitchen.  I hate cooking and cleaning in there now.  

That's all for now folks.  As you can see, I have been taking pictures a lot so I can blog, but then I forget/get lazy.  Fail.  

I will make no more promises about blogging.  Maybe I'll surprise you all and start doing this regularly again.


Here's a sneak peak about my next post coming this weekend!  


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  1. Actually, I took that picture of the drive in liquor store in Albuquerque.

    Darla Hallmark