Wednesday, July 11, 2012

G and H

I'm back!

I am the worst, most horrible, inconsistent blogger ever.  But I have an almost good excuse.  You see, while my brain has been making a list of all the wonderful things I can blog about (you know, little life changes like moving, pets, and cruises) my iPad was not cooperating.  iPads are great, don't get me wrong.  But they are not the best word processors and the Blogger app sucks.

So how am I blogging right now?  You see, I had this computer that was a Christmas gift almost 3 years ago.  The computer decided to be terrible and stopped working on and off.  Then when it did work the 'G' and 'H' and a few other keys stopped working on the keyboard.  You try blogging without a G and H.

Then I lost the power cord between moves, then we moved again.  But I found it yesterday.  And, to my complete and utter surprise, everything works.  After fumbling around with my password (you would forget a password too if you had not logged on in almost two years!) I logged on and found out everything is up and running, including my old buds G and H.


I'm still pretty stoked over the whole thing, especially since I was contemplating buying a new computer.

So what does this mean for you?  MORE BLOGGING!

Here are a few things I have coming up (and yes, long overdue):

  • Our new home!!!
    • This will probably include a mini-series of posts highlighting different rooms
  • Our new kitty!!!
    • She's adorbs
  • Our cruise to the Bahamas
  • A DIY or two
  • And maybe a few recipes :)
So get ready folks, I'm back. 


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  1. Hahahah the GHGHGHG made me chuckle. Glad you're back!