Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our New Home!

We have been so totally and completely blessed in our marriage.  When we decided in October 2010 to get married in December 2010 (Yes, just over 2 months!) we had to find a place to live ASAP.  We were able to find an inexpensive basement apartment with landlords that have become friends over the past year and a half.   So, in short, God provided for us with the right apartment at the right price at the right time.

And here He is again.

We were looking for a place to live that would give us more space (we quickly outgrew our basement).  After the door was essentially closed on buying a house right now, we looked at a house this past Tuesday.  We looked at it knowing there were already applications in on the house.  Yet we still got it.

Here it is!

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures and there are no more on the listing, but this at least gives you an idea.  It has a bit of a yard and our very own driveway!  We have not had a driveway here at our current apartment and that boils down to us finding scarce street parking, even though we live in a suburban neighborhood.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  The master bedroom has TWO closets, one of which is a walk in.

I am thrilled and we have so much to do in the 19 days till we move in!

I'll be posting pics as soon as we move in!



  1. Your new house sounds fantastic! TWO closets? In one bedroom? Hurray!

  2. It's so cute to read how excited you are about having a driveway! :D Happy packing!!!

  3. Wow! That house is ADORABLE! Congratulations! I actually read an article that said that renting a house is a better and more cost-effective option than buying. So your house may be an even bigger blessing :)

  4. That house looks awesome! Congrats. Also I read your previous post and I think it's very sensible to rent in the area you're thinking of buying to see if you like it. Hope the move goes well :)

  5. Wooohooooo! Sooooooo exciting! Congrats :)

  6. Well, although that was fast, you still manage to plan things accordingly! Congratulations! Having that kind of house is truly a blessing for you. Do you already see your huge, future, happy family in it? The yard and the driveway features can give you more options in renovating it for better use, like for recreational purposes and all that. Good luck!

  7. Oh my! What a beautiful house! You guys are so lucky. All of your hard work has paid off. I’m excited to see the changes you guys are going to make! Good luck!