Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gold Mining Like a Boss

Saturdays at home (not to be confused with "home") are a rarity.  We seem to be at our childhood homes more than at the one we pay for every month.  Since we had not been home for a whole weekend in 6 weeks or so, we decided to soak up the local history and visit the local Gold Mining Museum.

I was excited to go, but never thought I would have as much fun as I did.  We were the ONLY ones at the museum.  It consisted of three buildings: the main office, bunk house, and mess hall.  All were staged pretty well and were fun to look around.

Enjoy the pics (there are a lot of hubby pics)!

Jon liked dressing up.

These were what tumbled the gold and ore.

Panning for the gemstones

It was super fun!  Also, it was free (minus the small donation we gave and the sand/gemstone packs we bought, which made it a $11 date).

Check out what local history museums are in your neighborhood, you might be surprised!


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