Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jake's Law

mur·phy's law/ˈmərfēz/

A supposed law of nature, expressed in various humorous popular sayings, to the effect that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

You are all familiar, I hope, with Murphy's law.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, its new name is Jake's law (Jon's term).

My brothers, Jake (9) and Sam (8), came back to our house with us this past Sunday night.  We live over 2 hours from my parents.  We arrived late Sunday night and we all went to bed.  The boys woke up promptly at 7:30am.  They played with each other while I dragged myself to the shower to get ready for the full day of fun we were going to have.  We cleaned out my car and jumped in.

My car's check engine light was blinking and there were funny noises/rumbling coming from the engine.  Great.

So, instead of all the fun we had planned, we managed to get the car to the the shop that was under a mile (.9 to be exact!) away.  On the way back we stopped at the restaurant on the corner and ate lunch, stopped at the ATM at the gas station across the street from the restaurant, stopped into the little food store to get dinner stuff, the finally at the "junk store" to get a movie.  We live in a very small town.

The walk back wasn't bad at all and the boys seemed to be having a good time.

All in all, Monday wasn't bad.  It was a bummer we couldn't do the things we wanted to, but the alternative wasn't bad either.  

Tuesday was a doozy.

My morning started at 4am with a tap on the shoulders from Jake.  he was having an asthma attack.  Oh, also he forgot to pack his inhaler.  Fantastic.

So, 30 minutes later we are on our way to the ER to take care of that.

It takes 3 hours, 2 breathing treatments, and more meds to get him breathing right again.  Finally we get to go home and out of the FREEZING hospital.

With this sudden turn of events, it is decided that he has to go back to my parent's house since it was,  most likely, the cat that messed up his breathing (our cat is more fluffy than theirs).

Jon worked from home to allow me to use his car.  I already had to go to traffic court in Richmond for a speeding ticket I got in June (while I was lost over an hour from home, looking for a stinking Michael's Arts and Crafts!).

So I bring the two boys to court with me--talk about a fun time!  But I decided we would stop at Busch Gardens on the way home and make a fun day out of it.  So that is what we did.
Riding the tram to the park.
But Jake's Law strikes again.  While we were eating dinner a HUGE thunderstorm came.  It literally downpoured  for an hour.  The park was flooding, all the rides were closed, and we were hiding under an awning waiting for it to stop.
We decided to win a few prizes while we were waiting for the rain to stop.  I now own a Jamaican banana.  Be jealous.

This doesn't even begin to show you how much rain there was.

So we ran to the car while the rain was not as hard.  Jake was crying because he was sad I had to bring him home (also, he had been up since 4am so he was probably a little tired).

I dropped them off at home, said hi to everyone really quickly, then grabbed a Monster energy drink and drove 2 hours back home.

Then I passed out.  That was one of the longest days with a lot driving I have ever had.  I love my brothers!

But seriously, Jake always has the worst luck.  He has the most broken bones, asthma, he always gets hurt playing outside.  Poor buddy.

I am grateful I can rest today and maybe catch up on sleep/refill my energy :)


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