Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dollar Tree Tuesday!

I've mentioned before that Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores.  There's just something about walking into a store and realizing everything there is only one dollar.  I love it!  I can buy twenty things and it's only $20.  I go there for a lot of decor and kitchen gadgets.  You can find any office supply, snack, dish, or cleaning product there.  It's awesome.  I am lucky to have a big one 5 minutes from our apartment here.  For those of you near CNU, the one off of Warwick is amazing too!

So, to honor the coming of spring, I bought some things to add color to our dark basement.

This bouquet is made up of 4 large flowers and 2 fillers.  The vase was a wedding gift.  The lace doily underneath was part of a set of 2 from Dollar Tree (50 cents each!)

This little guy was so adorable and looks great with the other doily.

This wooden hanging (and the paint I used to paint it) was perfect for the door to replace my St. Patrick's Day Bouquet (it was also 14 dollars cheaper!)

The shopping trip was successful and I was also able to get some things for a project, which I will reveal tomorrow!

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