Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confessions/random list

  1. I have run out of space on my walls for decorations
  2. I need to stop buying decorations at HomeGoods
  3. I love candles and just bought a ton
  4. My hand soap in the bathroom matches the wall color and the cabinet color
  5. I played my guitar for the first time in a year last night
  6. I am interviewing for an office admin position today at a moving company
  7. If I was 21 I would have been hired to work at the Reston Teen Center
  8. I am secretly wishing I could be taking finals this week with my friends (the grass is always greener on the other side)
  9. I am so excited to pull out my summer clothes and rock the white pants
  10. I have a full sink of dirty dishes…we ate out last night.
  11. Jon and I have talked about paying the kids upstairs to do our dishes
  12.  Katelyn James’ blog post today reminded me of how annoyed I was that someone turned the fluorescent lights on in the sanctuary at our wedding.  I specifically said to leave them off.
  13. I read Katelyn James’ blog everyday
  14.  I am still in my jammies
  15. Jammies isn’t a real word in MSWord?!?!
  16. My best friend Erin makes fun of me for saying jammies
  17. I miss her
  18. I love NoVA but I miss Hampton Roads
  19. I really hope people like reading my blog because I enjoy writing it
  20. Is it weird that brown is my favorite color?


  1. You're adorable, dear. Keep posting. I like reading. :)

  2. yessss i love reading your blog!! :)