Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dollar Tree Tuesday: Fall Decor!

As I made pretty clear in my last post, I LOVE fall.  I went shopping with Jon on Saturday and went straight to the dollar store for my fall decor.  I have not done a Dollar Tree Tuesday in FOREVER!  I had my house clean and organized, I was caught up on sleep, most of my homework was done (with the exception of the reading for a class I completely forgot about!) so it was time for me to redecorate and get ready for my favorite season.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas too.  There is a certain magic that comes with Christmas that does not come with fall, as well as a deeper meaning, though God did create the harvest and the cooler weather shows God's love for us :)

But here are my [poorly done] photos of our underground dwelling.  Which, by the way, is about to be upgraded thanks to the landlord with a new door with windows so we have at least a little natural light in the living area!

Not brand new, but these were a Christmas gift from my mom last year and I love how they add ambiance to the space.

Same candles and holder but upgraded with 2 fall garlands from Dollar Tree and a cloth napkin I already had.

I just relocated this, much to Jon's dismay because it was beside his bed before.  It just fits so well in the living room.  The pumpkins are all from DT and the reed thingies in the vase are also from DT.  

This jar changes with the seasons.  At Easter it was filled to the bring with Peeps, now it is pleasantly filled with 3 colors of gourds from DT and corks from wine we have had/  

The basket in the middle and the flowers  and ribbon are all from DT.  This was a gift from my parents for  Christmas.  Just plug it in and BOOM!  fire.  Well, not real fire.  It is not much of a help when the power goes out. 

I found one of these at DT on a random shelf.  I scoured the entire store looking for more.  I only found one more.  This is perhaps my favorite fall find.

So there you have it!  Proof that even a basement can keep up with the times.  :)