Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moooooving Update

I have decided this beautiful bovine will be our moving mascot.  So after you look at the cute face, read on for a moving update.

We have decided (actually, it was decided for us) to rent for another year and build credit.  It's definitely true what everyone says, no credit is worse than no credit.  If we combined my credit with Jon's income, we'd be set.  But since I have little to no income and Jon has little to no credit, we will be renting.

That being said, we are relieved that we will get to "try out" the town we were looking at moving to and will get to experience the commute before we commit on a larger scale.

We are awaiting word about an application that was submitted this morning on a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that is only a few blocks from the house we were looking at buying.  It's in a quaint town just off the main highway.

If we don't get this house (there were other applicants when we applied) then we will keep searching.  God has a plan for us, it's just a matter of trusting Him!

But until we hear, I will be packing and cleaning like there's no tomorrow.  I got a TON done today, which always makes me feel great.

Moving is definitely NOT a fun process, especially when it is in the middle of my end-of-semester rush!

Anybody have some super cool moving tips?



  1. When I did my moving for college, I had more stuff in storage buckets than I did in boxes. They will work great for storage later and stack very nicely. (Also easy to lable and store when not needed)OH yeah... and water/rodent resistant. I firmly believe it is worth the extra expense. Also, get those storage bags that you can suck the air out of. It will make your sheets/towels/clothes half the size for transporting. Good luck!
    ~Amanda R

  2. Ooh! Thanks for reminding me, Amanda, I have space bags that we got for our wedding! I will definitely have to do that for my clothes! Thanks!