Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Days 4 and 5

Yesterday was crazy busy for me and Jon was on a business trip for the whole day, so blogging didn't happen. So here are days 4 and 5. :)

Day 4 (and5): I am thankful for my home and my neighborhood (and my real estate agent!)

In the (almost) three years that Jon and I have been married, we have lived in 3 places. Each was a little nicer than the last. Our first home and the inspiration for my blog's name, was a basement. It had one window, if you can even call it that, pictured below. It was pitch black at night and FREEZING cold. We lived below an awesome family with three kids and two dogs. IT was a great place to start and we did our best to make it homey.

A year and a half later our landlords and housemates were moving so we needed to find a new place to live. Housing in Northern Virginia is VERY expensive, especially on a single income. We began looking further away and found a cute little rental in Remington, VA. It was 3 bedrooms and had enough space to grow in (we had started trying to get pregnant before we moved). However, this house was an hour from Jon's work and 1.5 hours from my school. On one rainy day it took me almost 3 hours to get to school. Not fun.

When our lease was almost up we started talking about moving back to our hometown and buying a house. I had to get a medical withdrawal from school because of my Hyperemesis Gravidarum and decided I would rather finish school at the school I started college at back in 2009. We looked at several houses but found one that we loved relatively fast (thanks to our wonderful agent Sarah). I love our home. We are the second family to ever live in the house since it was built in the sixties. IT is in a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors and sidewalks. I can't wait to put a playground in the backyard someday for Addie. Here are some pics: :)

You can also read about my favorite room HERE.

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