Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Adoption Story: A Little Update

Lest you think I am leading you on, we have NOT been matched, but it's still an exciting update, nonetheless.  

Adoption is such a huge waiting process.  You wait as you get through all the paperwork, then you wait as you go through your homestudy, and now we are waiting to be placed.

We were well aware as we got on the waiting list July 1st that we would be waiting with little to no updates for at least about 12-18months.  Our social worker said it could be a little bit before that when our profile was shown regularly, but we shouldn't count on that.  

Our profile was shown this past month after just a few months on the list.  It was a special circumstance--the expectant mother wanted very specific things that we fulfilled, so we are not being shown regularly yet, but it was at least something!  Our adoption counselor did not get any feedback from the pregnancy counselor in Richmond, so we do not know if the expectant mother chose another family or decided to parent.

But either way, this was not our match and that is okay!  It's all in God's timing. :)

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